Compliance with Regulations

– NHS Community Pharmacy Audits passed with flying colours.

Fittleworth complies with all relevant NHS and industry regulations, so you can be sure that you are dealing with a reliable dispensing appliance contractor. Fittleworth has now been inspected comp-with-regsby NHS England South East and South West and passed both audits.

The NHS Pharmaceutical Regulations for England require dispensers to allow NHS England to audit their services. Fittleworth has now had 10 out of 34 Care Centres reviewed by an NHS Community Pharmacy Audit Framework assessment. The passing of these reviews demonstrates the high quality of service that Fittleworth provide to the NHS.

One element of the regulations reviewed is the annual submission of results from our patient questionnaires. These show the level of patient satisfaction with our service. Our results are displayed on our website and show that 96% of our customers are satisfied with our service.

With the NHS and CCGs looking closely at the quality and outcomes of services that they pay for, you can be assured that if your patients choose Fittleworth for their dispensing, they will receive a service level that has been audited and reviewed by the NHS with the results published.

Clinical Respect and Compliance with Regulations really does make a difference to patient satisfaction and service levels. Does this make the penny drop?

f you don’t recommend Fittleworth; have you seen your preferred dispensers results?

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