At the heart of what we do is maintaining excellence in patient care while helping you achieve value for money, and part of this is controlling accessory costs.driving

Accessory dispensing now accounts for 28% of all stoma related item costs and it is rising. The Prescription Cost Analysis data from NHS England shows that accessories have increased from 28% to 28.3% of total spend. (July 16 – April 17).

With Clinical Respect and our impartial approach to products and dispensing, accessory dispensing accounts for only 18.6% of our stoma spend, that’s 9% lower than the national figure. This is because we never substitute or add anything to a patients’ prescription unless prior approval has been received from the health provider responsible. We recognise the prescribing authority and professional responsibilities of you as a clinician.

While the proportion of accessory spend in England is increasing by 0.3%, at Fittleworth it is decreasing by 0.3% – over 0.5% difference. This may not sound very much but with stoma dispensing in England being almost £300m per year, this difference is worth over £450,000 per month to the NHS, or over 12 months in excess of £5.5m.

Does this make the penny drop that Fittleworth and Clinical Respect really can make a difference to the NHS and the cost of stoma appliance provision?

With the NHS and CCGs looking closely at the costs of their prescribing, if your patients choose Fittleworth for their dispensing, you can be sure that their prescription costs will not be increased by adding unnecessary accessories.

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